Regional & NJ State Championship Series

Please look here to see if your question can be answered.

If your question is about a specific race or venue, please contact that promoter directly.

If not, feel free to e-mail the series coordinator, B.L.

1. Q: I missed registration or the start for the Cat 3 (or Cat 2) race. Can I compete in the Cat 2 (or Cat 1) race and maintain my Cat 3 (or Cat 2) status for the series?

A: No. The rules are very clear on this one. Once you upgrade, even for one race, you are in that category unless you formally request an upgrade or downgrade from USA Cycling. And, if you’re a Cat 2 moving to Cat 1, (or in this example, you missed the start) you would need approval from USA Cycling or a USA Cycling Official for that upgrade.

2. Q: Can I “try” the next higher category for one race? 

A: No, see the answer to question number one, but, also look at question number 3.

3. Q: Can I upgrade for the last race of the series and maintain my previous category’s standing?

A: Yes, this rule was adopted for 2009. The idea is to encourage folks to upgrade and get at least one race on their legs in the next higher category before going into the next year.

4. Q: I’m a 15-39 year old Cat 1 Women. What’s my racing category for the Jamis Bicycles H2H Series?

A: You would race in the Pro/Cat 1 Women Open category.

5. Q: I’m a Pro Women. Can I race with the men?

A: Yes, you may race Pro/Cat 1 Men Open or the Cat 1 Men category for your corresponding age group.

6. Q: I just upgraded. What should I do?

A: You should e-mail the series coordinator and series scorekeeper and feel good that you are challenging yourself in the next level.

7. Q: Can I purchase an annual license at a race?

A: Yes, annual licenses can be purchased at any Jamis Bicycles H2H Race or you can go to www.USAcycling.org and purchase the license on-line.

8. Q: What if my bike “breaks” in the middle of a race?

A: According to USA Cycling Mountain Rules, if you are to continue, you must repair your bike using tools and parts that you are carrying with you. You may not receive mechanical support from anyone else. You may not switch out your bike, wheels, bars, stem, bottom bracket, etc. Mountain bike racers are self sufficient!

9. Q: Where do I go to register for a Jamis Bicycles H2H Race?

A: Your best bet is to pre-register at www.bikereg.com. This will not only save you money, but time at the race, too. If you don’t pre-register, all of our events offer day-of-race registration for an additional fee.

10. Q: Do I need a racing license?

A: Yes, every racer must hold a license. Category 3 and 2 racers may purchase daily licenses for each event for an additional fee, or may hold an annual license. Category 1 and Pro racers must hold a USA Cycling annual license. We encourage all racers to purchase an annual license and reap the many benefits. Plus, it’s cool.