2013 Series Rules

Following the USA Cycling Mountain guidelines, it us up to each competitor to make themselves aware of all USA Cycling Mountain and Campmor H2H rules.

Riders found in violation of any of the rules may be disqualified and/or asked not to return to the series.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

  1. This is a USA Cycling sanctioned series and therefore all USA Cycling Mountain rules will apply.
  2. Racers must hold a current USA Cycling license or one day license for applicable categories. One-day licenses are available for Cat 3 and Cat 2 at the race site for an additional fee.
  3. Any Cat 3 racer who registers and competes in a Cat 2 race will be considered a Cat 2 racer. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, racers who "miss" the start of a Cat 3 race and want to do the Cat 2 race. This also includes racers who just want to "try" Cat 2. Once a racer registers and competes in a Cat 2 race, that racer is Cat 2 unless they apply for and receive a downgrade from USA Cycling in writing.
  4. Racers may upgrade for the final race of the year (pending approval from USA Cycling if upgrading from Cat 2 to Cat 1) and maintain their overall ranking from the previous category for the overall. For example, if a racer already has the series locked up after the completion of the penultimate race as a Cat 3 racer, that racer may enter the final race as a Cat 2, but will still be the Cat 3 champion. However, that racer is now Cat 2 for all future races, until an upgrade or downgrade is approved.
  5. Racers must be self-sufficient and may not receive outside mechanical help or replacement parts. This includes, of course, bike changes. All racers must start, race, and finish on the same bike.
  6. Feeds are allowed only in the designated "feed zones."
  7. Any rider found cutting the course will be disqualified.
  8. Any rider found littering on the course will be disqualified. This includes, but is not limited to: gel wrappers, bar wrappers, punctured tubes, and CO2 cartridges.
  9. A certified helmet must be worn at all times will riding your bike at any Campmor H2H events. This includes pre-riding and riding to registration.
  10. All bicycles must in good working order.
  11. Racers are responsible for knowing their race number. If a racer loses their number off of their bike, they must shout their number to the score keepers as they cross the line to complete a lap or finish the race.
  12. Unsportsmanlike behavior such as profanity, throwing your bike, etc. may lead to disqualification.
  13. Racers who are riding their bikes have the right of way over racers who are running their bikes, even if the runners are passing the riders. A racer running their bike may pass a racer riding their bike as long as it does not interfere with the racer riding their bike.
  14. Racers passing another racer must yell an appropriate term such as "Passing on your left" or "Track left." "Get out of my way" is not an appropriate term. A racer being passed must yield at the first reasonable opportunity, but does not need to endanger themselves.
  15. A racer being passed may not intentionally "block" the racer coming up from behind. This is unsportsmanlike behavior.
  16. Any sort of headphones or ear buds may not be used during competition.
  17. Results protests must be made during the fifteen (15) minute protest period upon the completion of the race. Protests should be submitted in a calm and mature manner.
  18. Waiting until you get home to check the results on the Internet is too late.
  19. Results will be posted on the individual promoter's website, the H2H Race site, and the Campmor site within one week of the completion of the race. Please give the promoters time to enter all the information and post the results.
  20. Riders should upgrade upon meeting the upgrade criteria or sooner if they wish. (See upgrading information on the next page.) A racer who upgrades mid-season will transfer the actual value of points earned to that next category.
  21. Cat 1 and Cat 1/Pro Open points are non transferable. Racers can't flip-flop between the two categories and take their points back and forth.
  22. Violation of any of the rules may lead to disqualification, suspension, or removal from the series. Remember, we all do this for fun-let's keep it that way!
  23. The race director and USA Cycling Official will have final say on all rules and rulings.