Check out the final standings below, and stay tuned to this webpage or follow us on facebook for info on the 2015 Awards Ceremony.

Final 2015 Standings:

Pro | Cat 1  | Cat 2  | Cat 3

Check out the fun new course for 2015, running in a counter-clockwise direction for a chance.

2015 Course Description (references names shown in  909 Trail Map)

2015 Course Map | Strava GPX Download | Link to Garmin Connect


Another awesome day of racing at the Bulldog Rump yesterday - a beautiful day and sweet course. Congrats racers! Check out the results here:

Results from the Lewis Morris Challenge. Thanks to everyone who came out and got muddy. 

Another great day of H2H racing, sweet course and just a little rain to keep everyone on their toes! Congrats to all finishers, check out the results here: Pro/Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3.

Another great day of racing, thanks to the crew at Team Town Cycle for an awesome event. Check out the results here!