Hello Friends...

Hello Friends and Family of the H2H Race and Cycling Community,

The current worldwide COVID-19 climate really puts bike racing into perspective for all of us. At this point, foremost in all our thoughts and action, is the wellness and safety of individuals, friends and family.

As the sponsor of the H2H Series, the A.C. Daughtry Security Team is here to help however we can.

I would like to take this time to thank each of the series Promoters. Countless hours of volunteer work, money and preparation has already been exhausted for races that will not be held. All of the 2020 medals and new permanent number plates remain unused and in boxes. Thankfully that time and effort does not come as an expense to wellness. Health, safety, businesses, workplaces and economic instability has become the primary concern with high levels of uncertainty for us all.

Now, more than ever, we all need to be aware of the power of the bike and keep in mind why we got into this great sport of ours. Sometimes, a lone ride in the woods or a quiet pedal down a canal path early in the morning, can be just the cure for a tough time.

Finally, remember the people and the places that brought each of us into this sport. That friend, shop mechanic, or bike shop owner…they all helped point us all in a direction that eventually led us together on a common path. For the Local Bike Shops (LBS) that each of us frequent, NOW IS THE TIME for us to support them and all local businesses.

Be safe, appreciate everyone around you, and look forward to a future large/safe public gathering on bikes when this is all behind us!

With all of our Support and Best Regards - David and Heather Kahl


On behalf on the promoters, I want to thank David and Heather for their support, as well as each member of our cycling community for helping to keep our sport alive and well. We WILL race again. We just need to be patient and do our part to get through this challenging time.
I hope you and your loved ones are well.
Brian Lariviere
H2H Series Coordinator
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