2013 Series Overview

Number of Races and Drops

  • There are eight (8) races in the series.
  • Seniors and Masters are allowed two (2) dropped races; best six (6) of eight (8) races count.
  • Juniors are allowed three (3) dropped races; best five (5) of eight (8) races count.
  • Cat 2 and Cat 1 Seniors and Masters must compete in at least five (5) races and Juniors at least four (4) races to qualify for a series champion jersey. However, there is no minimum for scoring an overall podium (top three (3)) finish.

Pay Dirt

  • Racers will get the fifth (5th) place points for their class for ten (10) hours of trail maintenance.
  • Juniors will get fifth (5th) place points for their class for five (5) hours of trail maintenance.
  • Trail maintenance may be completed in any state, however it must be signed off by the proper authority as outlined in the Pay Dirt Rules on www.jorba.org.
  • All Pay Dirt Hours must be turned in to the Pay Dirt Coordinator by August 31, 2013.
  • For more information on Pay Dirt and trail maintenance dates go to www.jorba.org

Team Competition

  • The Campmor H2H Team Competition will continue for 2013.
  • For complete rules and information on the Team Competition, go to the Team Competition page.